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【ユーロビート】頭文字D ARCADE STAGE 70分70曲 VOL.2


今日に至るまでに使われてきた歴代バージョンのSUPER EUROBEATに加え、独自に選曲した曲を入り混ぜた、頭文字D ARCADE STAGE NON-STOP MIX 決定版 第2弾!!

ついに頭文字DアーケードステージのNON-STOP MIXが完結!!

それでは、15年に渡る頭文字D ARCADE STAGE の軌跡をお楽しみください♪

※Except for some parts, the animation has been changed to a static image. Please note.

The second edition of INITIAL D ARCADE STAGE NON-STOP SELECTION, whitch was selected from the SUPER EUROBEAT used in INITIAL D ARCADE STAGE, and then mixed with the songs I selected!!
Feel the history of INITIAL D...!!

Finally, the INITIAL D ARCADE STAGE NON-STOP MIX is complete!!
30seconds shorter than the first edition, and all songs have riff, verse, bridge and chorus.
So I improved it so that you can listen to all the songs happily!!

Please enjoy the trajectory of "INITIAL D ARCADE STAGE" over 15 years!!XD


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