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[4K] 感動日本一 ! 第29回 赤川花火大会 2019「百華繚乱」~夜空に重なる一人一人の物語~ Akagawa Fireworks Festival 2019 (shot on BMPCC4K)

The following link is the same display of 2018.



These are highlights of the 29th Akagawa Fireworks Festival which was held on Aug 17th 2019 at the Akagawa riverbed in Tsuruoka city, Yamagata, Japan.
Akagawa Fireworks Festival is famous to many Japanese people for artistic musical fireworks shows.
In this perfect location for the fireworks display, amazingly beautiful fireworks were exploded in the sky synchronized to pop and rock music.
I was so overwhelmed by this colorful, beautiful, and exciting fireworks in front of my eyes. Since its launch length is 700m wide in just 350m distance, it feels like I'm surrounded by those fireworks.
What makes Akagawa Fireworks festival so special is that Japanese top pyrotechnicians (fireworks manufacturers) create those extremely high-level musical fireworks programs.
Akagawa Fireworks Festival is held on Saturday of mid to late August. So if you are planning to come to Japan for Tokyo Olympics 2020, why don't you come to this spectacular fireworks festival as well. It will be the 30th anniversary year next year and suppose to be more exciting than this already wonderful pyrotechnic displays.

0:24 オープニング アルプス煙火工業

4:16 市民花火 紅屋青木煙火店
「The Greatest Rock x Fireworks Akagawa」

10:49 希望の光 マルゴー

14:45 エンディング 伊那火工堀内煙火店
「ephemeral bloom」

撮影器材 (equipments) :
BMPCC4K, speedbooster, Samyang 10mm T3.1,
Samsung NX1, EF-NX adapter, Sigma 8-16mm F4-5.6

撮影地 :山形県鶴岡市 赤川河川敷
location : Akagawa River, Tsuruoka, Yamagata, Japan

AQUA Geo Graphic (English)

AQUA Geo Graphic (Japanese)


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